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Electric Data

Tanδ at 1MHz is constant up to 200℃. But, when temperature becomes higher than 200℃, it becomes largergradually. Tanδ at 10MHz becomes smaller gradually up to 350℃. But when temperature becomes higher than 350℃.. the tanδ becomes larger little by little to the contrary.

FUSELEX High Purity Fused Quartz Glass Filler
FUSELEX® represents an amorphous high purity quartz filler manufactured by the electric or the gas process. Our products are highly acclaimed worldwide as a filler which contributes to epoxy molding. compounds (EMC) of the IC requiring molding, electric and insulating considerations.

FUSELEX® has following electric properties. Insulating tolerance. Low electric conductivity. Low dielectric loss Since FUSELEX® has the above properties, it is used as an insulator for high frequency and high voltage applications. It is used particularly where temperature is high or a mechanical stress is loaded.

Addition Quality

Chemical Characteristics
FUSELEX® has an excellent acid resistance with less impure material like ion.
But, it is affcted by hydochloric acid and undiluted phosphoric acid at 300℃.


FUSELEX High Purity Fused Quartz Glass Filler
FUSELEX® has those applications and grades, also has the other grades. Furthermore, we develop a new-grade product on your request and treat materials with a coupling agent on a made-to-order basis in order to improve characteristics of FUSELEX® if you have any inquiry or request, feel to contact us.

General Characteristics

CRYSTALITE High Purity Crystallite Quartz Filler
CRYSTALITE® represents a high purity crystaline quartz filler manufactured by pulverizing and classifying high purity quartz from India & Sri Lanka. Quartz from India & Sri Lanka has excellent characteristics in respect of SiO2purity, low electric conductivity and less ionic impurity


CRYSTALITE High Purity Crystalline Quartz Filler
CRYSTALITE® is a functional filler which improves characteristics of epoxy resin and silicone resin. Its insulating property and thermal conductivity are particularly excellent. CRYSTALITE® is also provided with acid, chemical, wear and arc resistance as its characteristics.

CRYSTALITE® has high thermal conductivity by eliminating alumina. It has various properties that fulfill necessities of filler though it is an economical filler. CRYSTALITE® has those applications and grades, also has the other grades.

MSR – Grade
The manufacturing technology in the true spherical particle and the size control technology provides a high loading and high flowability properties when used as a filler for resin.
MSR series products are used as a filler in epoxy molding compounds for the semiconductor and in various fields in casting material and painting material.


MSV – Grade
MSV Series is low alpha ray emission grades for DRAM application.
MSV Series has true spherical characters and controls generation of alpha ray by placing strict controls on purity. It is said that sight alpha ray may occur error in DRAM. MSV series is used in the DRAM and filler for high definition electronic parts application.